Thought of the Week – are you letting noise get in the way of life?

Arizona Sunrise – By Me

One day, back in August when I originally wrote this post, I was awoken by a rooster at 3:45. Yes, a rooster. In our town (really a small city), we still have rural pockets where people keep farm animals. Amazingly and thankfully it was a cool 78 outside. 78! After 111 yesterday. And the cool air allowed sound to travel and be loud.

So I went outside.

The moon was really full. Beautiful. And usually when the moon is full stars are harder to see. But this morning, the moon was setting, so in the north, east and up, I saw many. (Cool air probably helped also). So I stared. I was in awe. I took it in.

After a few minutes, I turned and started thinking about what I could do with the morning. My brain started racing with “look at the news. Surf Twitter and the web. This. That.” Then I stopped and looked at the stars again and came back to peace. I realized that a ton of mental “noise” started filling my head about all the noise I could start filling my head with.

So I stopped. I took the stars in again. Became filled with peace again. His peace.

Then the pool pump came on.

At first I was disappointed. The noise coming into my quiet morning. But it was subtle. It was water in motion. And it reminded me that it served a good purpose. And that I should go put some “noise” in my life that would serve a good purpose. Not noise that will just cause stress and not serve any purpose.

So I wrote this. And enjoyed a cup of coffee. And will go read the Bible. And fill my morning beautifully.

What noise is in your life right now? Mental noise that is doing you no good? Good noise that is leading you down a good path? Listen to the noise and intentionally make a decision about it. Now. Today.

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