Thought of the Week – Clean Windows

Blue Glass Denver – By Me

What windows need to be cleaned in your life? Inside and out; to bring clarity and direction to something.

Recently, my six-year-old wanted to be helpful and “cleaned” some windows for me and Beautiful. So, I thanked him, loved him, then went back and finished the job. After that, I was shocked by how clean and clear said window was. So I then did many others. Inside and out. I even did half of one and went inside to see the difference. It was shocking. We had been looking through a hazy, blurry “lens” for quite a while. The new lens was amazing. We saw clearly. It brought an amazingly clean, new, bright light into our house. This got me thinking about other lenses in my life.

I have things in my life where the “window” has built up that scum & haze. They have lingered on for so long that I haven’t noticed the haze and have succumbed to the blurry – not letting me see a clear path forward. So, I have intentionally “cleaned the window” and I’m finding a new path forward (or simply taking action).

What “window” do you need to clean today? What do you need to make a new commitment to? A project? A person? God? Now that’s a great one. 🙂

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