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On my WordPress page, I say WordPress is “one of the best pieces of software out there.” Well, Evernote is the other one.

Evernote is an amazing product I use everyday to:

  • Manage my To Do List.
  • Assure nothing falls through the cracks.  Nothing!
  • Executing Consulting Engagements.
  • Manage Projects.
  • Manage Receipts.
  • Manage notes I will need for clients.
  • Make sure my Wife’s Honey Do List gets done.
  • Keep and find notes about everything (hobbies, recipes, etc.).

I have helped people and organizations (businesses, corporations, teams) use Evernote to manage what needs to be managed, get things done and keep on top of it all.  I’m available to help you to.  Contact me to find out more.

6 thoughts on “Evernote Consulting”

  1. I am a devotee of GTD and am currently using the Outlook plug-in to manage by projects and tasks. I was interested to read that you had an Outlook product for managing tasks in a GTD-like fashion, but have discontinued it. I use Evernote as a capture system, and have looked at it as a potential place for managing tasks/to-do’s, but it did not seem as well-suited for the job as the GTD add-in for Outlook (I use Outlook out of necessity, as I a senior manager in a global company of 750 people). I would be interested in learning more about how to use Evernote as a task management and catch-all tool.

    1. Hi Peter —

      Thanks for commenting! Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

      Writing about this has been on my mind. So, let me do such! 🙂



  2. WE are looking for Evernote consultant to advise or actually do the clean up of our organizational mistakes. Started as singe free, then premium and now Business for last six mo. Main use is to create repository of research material on public companies we invest in. Only two users – who need to share the same notebooks. Issue is how we have designed biz notebooks vs tags. Third person (intern) created tags and notebooks for each co. i.e. Intel would have a tag of INTC and a biz notebook called INTC.

    1. Hi Carter —

      I’m very sorry for the long delay in replying. I’m guess you have moved on or maybe found an answer. But, in case this is still of interest to you and others…

      Tags vs. Notebooks can be a real struggle. I find myself in the same boat. But, here is where I land.

      I use Notebooks to keep content type together. So, for example, I keep notebooks for Tasks (I use my GTD system for these, and they all end up in a notebook called “Completed”), Receipts, and Project Notes (to name the main ones – I have similar notebooks for personal stuff like Recipes also).

      I use Tags to keep subjects together. So, for example, I have Tags for my projects. Then, I can tag Tasks, Receipts and general Notes across notebooks and quickly bring everything together by clicking on the tag.

      When I was using the Secret Weapon, everything pretty much lived in one notebook, and everything got done by Tags. But, I like my new method better as it feels more categorized and logical. if I want to find a receipt, I can just “go there.” Same with notes. Plus, I like that my Project Notebook acts and feels like a notebook.

      In your case, if you have “Research Material”, I’d put that in a shared notebook then tag against the symbol. Unless you want to share the research on Intel, and / or “research” consists of lots of separate notes / items. Then, I’d make a notebook called Intel and put everything in there. (In that latter model, you might still tag things as INTC so, for example, you can cross reference into other research.

      All in all, it takes experimentation, plus leaning on some “categorization” best practices – then finally how you need to use it.

      If you need any more help, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ll respond more quickly – promise.

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