About Me

I am an Product Management, information technology, business technology and process professional with high accolades for being an amazing people person – being able to understand the business needs then being able to translate it to the technical people.   These amazing conversations turn into amazing solutions for clients as well as long term, valued relationships.

Arizona is my Adopted Home State where I have lived the majority of my life, sans a Walkabout my family took, giving my birth state, New Mexico a try as well as Western North Carolina where I started a cool software venture.

I’m interested in personal productivity and created a product that makes Microsoft Outlook do a better job with that.

I have started, ran and successfully sold several businesses in my life, ranging from a Business / Information Technology Consulting businesses to a retail / brick and mortar operation.

I’m a loving husband, married to an amazing wife I adoringly refer to as Beautiful.  I’m a father to two grown up and amazing daughters and one amazing, growing up too quickly, son.

Finally, and most importantly, I’m a man of Faith in an amazing God.  Jesus is truly my Savior.

When I get time, I like to focus on photography.

Here to Help

If there is something I can help you with and get you moving forward, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I love chatting with and getting to know people.  

About This Site

This site is about whatever I want.  But, my ultimate goal is that something here resonates for you and helps you out.

Blasts From The Past

Foresight for Outlook

JC Technologies