Foresight for Outlook – The End

ForesightLogo_Large_RGBWay back in 2004 I left my full time job to start a new chapter in my life – that chapter was Foresight for Outlook – an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that added Getting Things Done (GTD) and true “Project” functionality for business users to Outlook.  It was a good run.  We pioneered some great code and did things with Outlook people said could not be done.  Alas, we and I could not make a thriving business out of it.

I put Foresight on hiatus a few years ago.  But, because of requests that would trickle in every few months, my own need and my observation that this functionality is needed in the world, I tried a few times to revive it.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to find good help, Microsoft is changing things which makes the current code harder to support, and frankly I think the old Outlook thick-client is seeing its last days.  One can do so much more with web based solutions and better tools that are out there.  With all this, it’s finally time to pull the plug.

Thanks to all the supporters and users.  I appreciate you all.

The original Foresight for Outlook websites used to be and – for future web reference.

2 thoughts on “Foresight for Outlook – The End”

    1. Eric —

      Thanks for the reply.

      Frankly, the main answer is the time it would take to manage such. Even getting to your comment (which I * really * appreciate), as you can see, took time. I can’t imagine trying to manage / participate in an open source project.

      The other answer is that I’m not sure it’s a great candidate for such. Part of my problem with making Foresight successful was that the target market had a narrow “target.” People have to * want * to become organized – and that’s not a large population (if that makes sense).

      Thanks again!

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