Thought of the Week – Dyeing On The Vine

Are you or your organization not doing something, or several somethings that you need to be doing?  Have you stopped to even take time out to think about such?

When I was a kid, my mom and dad took me and my siblings to Sears – all the time – for everything.  Clothes.  Boy Scout Stuff.  Car Parts. Tools. Everything but groceries.  We got the catalog every year in the mail and I would spend hours in it – I suspect marking things and using it as my Christmas Wish List.

I’m not going to spend the time writing my own evaluation of where Sears, which I think everyone knows today is all but dead, went wrong.  But, I did end up ordering something recently, had a not-so-great experience. Then, when I tried to write a review about it to hopefully bring their attention to these systemic problems – Sears blocked it.  It makes me shake my head.  Wow; they will not wake up – all the way to the bitter and sad end.

How is your organization doing?  Are they resting on their laurels?  Have you and your organization stopped to think about such or are you being overtaken by a competitor without even knowing it?

In case you want to read on, here is what I posted (note – review length very limited – so prose is not the best – tried to pack it with as much info as I could):

Slow Shipping / Part Not Same as Old
Part took a long time to come. Web site said “part will be shipped and you will receive tracking information in 5-7 Days,” but was actually over two weeks. Once part did come, it did not match the picture on the website or my old rack, which was disappointing. However, it works and going to live with it.

And here was there response:

3 thoughts on “Thought of the Week – Dyeing On The Vine”

  1. Important point, Jeff. But please also consider:

    Fundamentals are as important as cutting-edge advancements for every organization but too often overlooked, in my humble opinion.

    “How is your organization doing? Are they resting on THERE laurels? (etc)”, you wrote.

    Grammar, for instance. Specifically, using “there” when “their” is what you likely intended and “its” actually would have been appropriate, had you referenced “your organization” (singular) as “Is it resting on its laurels?”. Unfortunately, this is not something that “spell-check” will correct.

    To ignore fundamentals is to risk credibility. And endangering that underlying structure of a business is no small thing, especially these days.

    It might even be considered “resting on one’s laurels”.

    1. Thank you sir! Especially for the grammar catch. My moto for these blog posts are “progress over perfection,” but I do appreciate you pointing that out.

      I also appreciate the call out – “To ignore fundamentals is a risk to credibility.” I think that’s applicable to the message I am trying to convey – and a good reminder for me personally. 🙂

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