Thought of the Week – Being of Service

My Son – Being of Service – all on his own accord. 🙂
Are you being of service; are you serving others?  Your customers? Your spouse? Your children? Your coworkers? Your God?

My son and I sat outside eating breakfast at a Starbucks recently. We were close to the drive through and its speaker. As each car drove up, the employee greeted each customer with a verbal smile.  And, many, many times by name – and served them. “Good Morning John! Can I get you your usual?”  I think this is a huge reason why Starbucks continues to be a very successful company. To this day, I still have a warm, comforting feeling whenever I go into a Starbucks. Yet, there are other companies that are for me the exact opposite.
I have tried to reach out to a couple of local businesses for home repair services. I use their “Contact Us” on their web site. I’ve even bothered to try to contact them twice by phone and text. Nothing. Wow! Walking away from money and the hardest thing in business, customer acquisition!  
Are you being a servant? When is the last time you checked if your Contact Us system is working and you know you will immediately respond to a new customer? And, call them by name, with a smile? 

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