Product Thought of the Week – Focusing On UX

A screen shot of Microsoft Edge on iOS landing page showing a magnificent picture of Mars.
Microsoft Edge on iOS – Much More Stunning on the iPhone Itself. 🙂

UI, many times, is the thing that Product People, and the product team, focus on. And of course that is important. If the product doesn’t have the functionality the user needs, then why have a product at all? But there’s also that pesky thing called UX – the User Experience. You can have all the functionality in the world, but if the experience the user has is nill, then why have a product? The user potentially will not use it, or hate it every time they have to use it. (Think: internal business users trying to serve customers.)

I opened up Microsoft Edge the other day and was greeted by a new experience. My “favorite / most frequently used” icons are better spaced. The search bar has been moved down a little to give more real estate to some stunning pictures. It immediately caught my eye, made me smile, relax, and really enjoy the fact I was there.

Are you truly focusing on UX as much as you are UI?

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