And Now for Something Completely Different

Cupid’s foot, as used by Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Courtesy of Wikipedia

Yesterday was my last day at Improve Group.   And, as Monty Python’s Flying Circus use to say….

And now for something completely different.

What is that?  Well…..

A Break

The last nine months at IG were a “long row to hoe.”  My amazing wife (who I loving refer to as Beautiful – because she is in so many ways) has been holding down the fort in North Carolina while I’ve been working in New Mexico.  I miss her a lot and I’m looking forward to spending time with her.

Charlie, my two year old son, has been tearing up the fort – that little turkey!  But I sooo miss him also.

My girls, now young ladies, have given me so much grace and understanding during this time that I’m looking forward to more attention for them.  And, they got me and Beautiful Imagine Dragons tickets for Father’s Day / My Birthday!  Woot Woot!

Oh, yes – and me.  At first “doing nothing” sounded good.  But, my brain on day one of this new chapter is spinning.  So, when the time is right during this break, I plan to get my ducks in a row for the prose of that chapter.  I’m not 100% sure what those ducks look like yet (hence, see my post).  However, this has been a new test for me – to test my Faith and see what He brings.  Stay tuned; more to come.

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