Clarity Keyboard – Technology You Need To Be Using

I love Android.  The biggest reason?  Because you can make it work the way you work, or want to work.  Don’t like the background color, you change it?  Critical you see the weather in Laguna Beach?  Add it to your desktop.  You type differently than others?  Pick the keyboard that works for you.

When I was in middle school, I took typing.  Probably the best class I ever took in Middle School (next to Ms. Edwards 8th Grade English) because it gave me a skill that has carried me forward over the years.  Anyway, this class truly taught me to touch type; never look at the keys; always at the “paper.”   So, then came along the Smartphone.  I so want to “look at the paper,” but that’s not the way it works.  You really have to look at the keys.  So finding the right keyboard is critical.

I’ve used Swiftkey for years now.  Its prediction technology is amazing.  It really knows what word you need next most of the time.  I was intrigued by their new neural network keyboard.  It takes prediction technology to a whole new level.  The original Swiftkey’s predictions where always good.  But now they are great.  Alas, it’s beta, so it’s missing the Swiftkey features of “learn from your Evernote account, Gmail and text.”  I hope they can add that.  (Also, for what it’s worth, I guess because it is beta, it’s a hair fuzzy, graphically, and only has two themes.)  If they bring it to market, I’d consider switching for sure.  But, with this keyboard, you are still having to look around – at the Keyboard; at the Predictions.  So, then I saw their other beta, Clarity.

No “predictions” here.  Well, that’s not 100% true. Their goal with this keyboard is to let you “just write.”  So, that’s what you do.  You keep your eyes on the keyboard and just type.  It does its predictions in line with your typing; multi word – auto-magically (thanks Blake) correcting as you go along. When you do look up, your writing is pretty darn accurate.  It lets you focus, and focusing is important to productivity.

Looking to “just write” on your Android and have focus.  Give Clarity a try.

Epilogue: In my introduction post to this series, I said “no iOS.”  Well, I somewhat fibbed.  Swiftkey is available for iOS also.  Give it a whirl.

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