Give Yourself Margin

I’m pretty good about doing Devotional time every morning. I usually start with YouVersion’s Verse of the Day on my iPhone. Alas, this morning a notification caught my attention. Then Twitter. Then email. Then my calendar. And then, the stress started building up. And then …

And then I looked up…

I saw the sun that was just starting its rise shining its first rays of light on the trees. God reminded me to stop. Pay attention to His glory.

And the stress went away.

If you are not Christian (or Religious as people like to say), then I say to you (1) you should let Christ into your heart as it does amazing things. And, (2), take some time out this day. Take a breath. Give yourself some margin. Your workday will be a ton more productive and your weekend will be off to a much better start tomorrow.

What Do _You_ Want To Read

(Photo Credit – Me)

I write about a lot of different stuff here, but, it generally falls into a few central themes.  My hope and goal is that 99% of the time these posts will be of value to someone.  Alas, I know people may be interested in some of my themes, but not others.

With that in mind, this site is categorized by these themes.  (Down the right side or at the bottom.) That way you can click there and read more about a particular theme you are interested in.

Of course, I hope you might come across another theme you were not expecting and find a “gem in the sand” that changes your life.  Who knows! 🙂